TFi Induction Power Supply

The Radyne TFi Induction Power Supply and it’s series of convertors, offer a selection of power and frequency combinations suitable for most induction heating applications.

Radyne TFi Induction Power Supplies utilise high efficiency IGBT power semi-conductors with faster switching characteristics, ideally suited to induction heating applications between 3 – 50 kHz.

The performance of the TFi series tuned output circuit can be matched to the working load by selecting the appropriate output tapping and amount of capacitance built into the converter to suit the required coil configuration.

The compact design of the TFi series ensures that it can be easily installed into process lines or manufacturing cells. Alternatively the converter can be integrated into the construction of a free-standing induction heating machine.


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The complete range of TFi Induction Power Supplies is configured using standardised IGBT inverter modules rated at 300 A & 1000 A.

An extensive range of power rating ranging from 40 kW to 2000 kW is available across a range of cabinet sizes.

Available with nominal output frequencies of 3, 10, 30 and 50 kHz the TFi range is produced in two versions suitable for both high and low impedance load conditions likely to be encountered in the majority of industrial process heating applications.


  • Compact – very small footprint for high power capability
  • Quick start-up and ramp to full power
  • Simple water cooling requirements
  • Fully self-protecting high reliability

Tech Specs


  • Advanced digital control system utilising industrial ARM Cortex Microcontrollers.
  • 12 Inch Colour HMI Touch Screen Display
  • Precision set point control options: Power / Voltage / Current and Temperature.
  • Selective Digital or Analogue metering for enhanced flexibility.
  • Diagnostics display showing digital I/O and analogue status.
  • Trend graphs for a selection of process essential parameters.
  • Energy monitoring.
  • Auto-tune / load matching teacher program.
  • Local recipe storage, for standalone application.
  • Detailed alarms monitoring and sensor readouts.
  • Wide range of connectivity protocols: Industrial Ethernet, RS232, Analogue 4-20 mA and others.
  • Optional Remote Connectivity with GSM module.
  • External USB port for data download/upload
  • Internal Micro SD memory card for storing converter settings and data logging
  • Built in expansion I/O ports for sensors and signals.


Applications suited to the rugged, reliable and flexible TFi series includes:

  • Surface Hardening
  • Billet & Bar Heating
  • Joining Processes
  • Bonding Shrink Fitting
  • Wire Heat Treatment
  • Cable Preparation
  • Crystal Growing
  • Silicon Processing
  • Melting
  • General Induction Heating Applications

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