Brass Copper Alloy Billet Heater

The Banyard range of LFi IGBT Brass and Copper Alloy Billet Heaters will deliver the rapid billet heating rates needed to reduce the unwanted scale/oxidation normally associated with conventional heating methods.

Applications can be heating from ambient temperature of boost heating of pre-heated billets.


Inductotherm Heating & Welding Ltd

Thermatool House, Crockford Lane, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8NA


  • Rapid induction heating also reduces the burn-out of alloying elements such as Zinc, Cadmium etc.
  • Rapid induction heating will greatly improve the quality of Brass and Copper alloy billets when presented to the press.

Tech Specs

  • Available for a billet diameter range 100mm (4”) to 305mm (12”). Other diameters can be considered.
  • Heaters can be configured as single billet or multi-billet induction coils dependant on the production rates required.
  • The required LFi  Frequency Power Convertor (frequency range 30 – 200 Hz) can be located adjacent to the induction coil or mounted on a deck above the induction coil to reduce floor footprint.


The equipment quoted herein is uniquely protected by the following patents and in other countries.

European Patents EP2 236 005 B1 and United States Patent No. US10 034 331 B2 for method and apparatus.

Inductotherm reserves all rights in equipment design and methods of utilisation thereof, except those granted to buyer by operation of law. Inductotherm grants no rights to buyer for manufacture or reconstruction of proprietary assemblies or components thereof.  All prints and drawings furnished at any time by Inductotherm are for maintenance and repair only

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