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What is the difference between Inductotherm Heating & Welding and other Inductotherm companies?

As our name suggests we mainly deal with induction heating and welding products for a variety of metals industries including tube, pipe, wire, field joint coating, extrusion, offshore to name but a few. We offer brand names such as Thermatool, Radyne, Banyard, Alpha and iRoss.

If you are looking for induction processes other than heating and welding, like melting for instance you can still get in touch with us, and we will get you to a specialist within Inductotherm Group.

Are you part of the Inductotherm Group?

Yes, Inductotherm Heating & Welding is one of 40 global group companies making up the Inductotherm Group. Inductotherm Group companies manufacture a wide range of induction thermal processing equipment used in the melting melting, heating, heat treating, forging, galvanizing, coating, cutting and welding of metals.

Where do you manufacture your equipment?

We are one of over 30 manufacturing sites within Inductotherm Group. We are based in Basingstoke, Hampshire in the United Kingdom and all of our equipment is manufactured in the UK.

What countries do you support?

In addition to servicing the UK we also deliver our equipment worldwide including all areas of Europe, Africa, Russia and the USA. Some of our equipment is unique to our manufacturing site and we export these to all parts of the globe. If we don’t export to your country one of our sister companies will and we can put you in touch with the right person. Our reach is global.

What manufacturing standards does your equipment meet?

Manufactured to standard ISO 9001:2015

What is the difference between Induction and other forms of heating and welding?

The key different between induction heating and most other forms of heating is that with induction the heat is generated inside of the material being heated. Induction is highly controllable compared to other forms of heating and invariably more environmentally sustainable as it uses electricity that can be obtain from renewable sources. For more information on this subject please refer to our blog.

What are the benefits of induction heating over other methods of heating?

One of the advantages induction heating offers is that it is capable of very high-power densities and controllable heating rates resulting in unrivalled heating times.

What are the lead times for your equipment?

Typically, 8 – 12 weeks however larger bespoke equipment can have much longer lead times, depending on the complexities of the project.

How long does your equipment last?

Our equipment is built to last and designed for the tough conditions they are destined for. We have equipment in the field that is over 35 years old and still functioning as required, so your investment is going to last! As expected, efficiencies and technological move on and we help our customers upgrade, switch equipment and expand to increase productivity, reduce energy and create better application process to impact your bottom line.

Can you help with different aspect of the metals industries?

As our name suggests we specialise in heating and welding technologies, but we are part of the Inductotherm Group that provide solutions to a wide range of metal process and applications. If we cannot directly help with your requirements, we will be able to put you in touch with another Group company that specialises in your process.

Do you provide regular maintenance plans on all your equipment?

We can provide a regular maintenance plan unique to your equipment or requirement that can be scheduled around factory closures or during operation. We will tailor make a package designed to suit you!

What support do you offer after purchasing your equipment?

We provide a full support service to our customer with a commitment for an ongoing relationship to support you many years into the future. We provide a 24/7 telephone support for emergency breakdowns, training packages for your own staff, emergency call out support from our service engineers, preventative maintenance planning, field service testing and certification. Spares and aftermarket parts, coil refurbishment and upgrades.

If I buy your equipment second hand, how can I be sure it is a genuine product?

We have seen in recent years equipment sold as our brand products which subsequently fail in the field because they are fake and not suitable for the job. To prevent falling victim to unscrupulous dealers we can double check the history of our all our products and where appropriate provide you with an equipment check prior to purchase. This can be organised via our customer service department. Always check with us first to avoid disappointment and financial loss.

Do you offer maintenance plans?

Yes! We can arrange regular maintenance plans to suit your factories work schedules. Maintenance plans ensure you get the most of your equipment and prolongs its life. Booking regular maintenance checks also ensure the equipment is working at optimum production capacity which will have direct impact on your bottom line.

What does ‘FAT’ stand for?

FAT stands for “Factory Acceptance Test”. This is offered for all our equipment and is a process where customers can visit our manufacturing site in the UK to see their equipment in our test bays, to check its performance prior to delivery and installation to their site.

What kind of warranty do you offer on your equipment?

All our equipment comes with a standard 1-year manufacturing warranty, however our support for your equipment will last its lifetime.

What kind of guarantee comes with your equipment?

We offer a process guarantees on all our turnkey offerings such as our Spring Wire IT Line. This is because our equipment controls the whole production process. For this product we offer a process guarantee that cover dimensional distortion, surface finish and defects, UTS and consistency.

With our other equipment we control only one part in the production process which involves many different pieces of equipment from other suppliers, therefor we are not able to offer guarantees on the product outcome, but we do offer a guarantee on the performance of our individual piece of equipment.

How can you be sure your equipment meets my needs?

At the start of the order process, we collate several process facts, and we make it a priority to understand customer expectations. All our solutions are passed via out technical support team who use the latest modelling programmes to test which configurations meets the customer requirements. By conducting this due diligence, we can ensure the functionality of every piece of equipment will meet customer needs.

Is induction more environmentally friendly?

Induction is inherently more sustainable than other traditional heating and welding methods, especially when compared to using gas. With many countries now recognising, mandating and creating policy to hit environmental goals the addition of carbon tax is increasing. Induction is powered by electricity, and this can be source via sustainable methods such as wind and solar energy but there are many other factors involved as to why induction is better.

For example, in induction billet heating, power is only used during the actual heating of a billet, when compared to a continual gas fire which must be kept at a consistent temperate even when not in use. There are many benefits to switch to induction and we provide calculations to enable customers to make informed decisions. Click here to read about the benefits of induction in billet heating.

Will I have any issues receiving my equipment now the UK is not part of European Union?

The logistics team at Inductotherm Heating & Welding have decades of experience shipping Induction Heating Equipment and spare parts around the world. All team members have undertaken additional training specifically covering the Brexit Deal and we have been exporting successfully to Europe since January 2021, when the UK left the EU. We continue to monitor legislation changes and adapt our processes and documentation to suit.

The delays in road shipments that were experienced in the first half of 2021 have been resolved and we have seen very few delays since.

If you wish to arrange your own collection, we will assist you with the necessary paperwork to ensure customs compliance.

Will my shipment be subject to additional Duty & Taxes?

All capital equipment orders are manufactured in the UK and qualify for preferential (0%) duty rates. We will provide the necessary documentation to support this process and ensure no duty charges are incurred.

Import VAT will be applicable as per your local regulations; however, this is fully recoverable via your normal VAT process.