LFi Induction Power Supply

The LFi induction power supply enables precision taper heating for the Banyard multi control zone induction coil technology. These low frequency IGBT convertors come with up to 6 independent control zones, with minimal inter-zone losses and a selectable frequency between 20 – 200 Hz


Inductotherm Heating & Welding Ltd

Thermatool House, Crockford Lane, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8NA


Advanced Digital Inverter

  • Microprocessor controlled IGBT invertors, provide precision PWM output power.
  • Constant input power factor across all loading conditions resulting in cos phi >0.95.
  • Monitor and diagnose data anywhere in the world with digital remote access.

Selectable Frequency Control

  • Low frequency induction gives deep heat generation and rapid heat soak times, LFi provides a selectable frequency output capability of 20-200 Hz to allow for heating process optimisation.

Zone Synchronisation

  • LFi coil zones have phase synchronisation to eliminate magnetic field cancellation between zones resulting in improved temperature uniformity and coil efficiency.

Compact Footprint

  • 800kW across up to 5 independently controlled zones in a single compact 2.0m x 2.4m cabinet.

Tech Specs

  • Advanced digital control system utilising industrial ARM Cortex Microcontrollers.
  • 12 Inch Colour HMI Touch Screen Display.
  • Precision set point control options: Power / Voltage / Current and Temperature.
  • Selective Digital or Analogue metering for enhanced flexibility.
  • Diagnostics display showing digital I/O and analogue status.
  • Trend graphs for a selection of process essential parameters.
  • Energy monitoring.
  • Auto-tune / load matching teacher program.
  • Local recipe storage, for standalone application.
  • Detailed alarms monitoring and sensor readouts.
  • Wide range of connectivity protocols: Industrial Ethernet, RS232, Analogue 4-20 mA and others.
  • Optional Remote Connectivity with GSM module.
  • External USB port for data download/upload.
  • Internal Micro SD memory card for storing converter settings and data logging.
  • Built in expansion I/O ports for sensors and signals.

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