Company Information

Inductotherm Heating & Welding Ltd is the European manufacturing and technical headquarters for the Thermatool, Radyne, Banyard and Newelco brands – leaders in induction heating & welding technologies.

We serve a diverse range of applications, such as:

  • HF Welding, cutting and seam annealing of tube & pipe
  • General induction heat treatment and hardening
  • Induction heating for forging and extrusion applications
  • Pre-heating prior to coating of API grade line pipe
  • Wire Processing Systems
  • Low frequency heating of Non-Ferrous materials
  • Quench & Temper Systems
  • Offshore Field Joint Processing
  • Induction coil design and repair

Tube & Pipe Technology

Thermatool is the leading name in high frequency welding of tube and pipe offering high technology solutions to the tube and pipe sector worldwide. Thermatool’s priority is to deliver the most technologically advanced HF welders, seam annealing systems and high-speed cutting systems to facilitate production of the highest quality tube and pipe. Thermatool also has the capability to deliver advanced turnkey solutions including quench & temper systems and the most advanced engineered structural lines available today.

Onshore Pipe Heating & Coating

Radyne produces a variety of induction heating coils for the pre-heating of API line pipe prior to FBE coating. Radyne engineers have designed and developed a comprehensive range of induction power supplies for use on pipe coating applications. With over 50 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of solid-state power supplies, Radyne offers an extensive range of power ratings from 5kW up to 7MW.

Offshore Field Joint Processing

During the last 20 years Radyne has gained a strong reputation with leading pipe laying operators serving the oil and gas sector, working to provide a safer, more efficient means of carrying out field joint processing tasks. From shrink sleeve application and pre-/post-weld heat treatment through to holiday repair, Radyne’s clam coil systems and range of convertors have quickly become established as the industry standard for offshore field joint processing.

Spring Wire Processing Systems

Radyne wire processing lines offer a fast, clean and efficient means of induction heating both single and multi-strand wire in addition to a safe and environmentally clean water quenching system. Modular induction hardening and tempering lines offer simple installation and ease of maintenance enabling continuous, high-speed production of spring wire to the highest quality on a consistent basis.

Induction Heating of Non-Ferrous Billets 

Banyard manufactures induction heating equipment for mains and low frequency heating of non-ferrous billets such as Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Titanium and exotic alloys. Banyard systems utilise a number of process techniques including taper heating, multi-layer induction, multi-zone booster heating and zero friction servo-handling, in order to provide a more efficient and precise method of billet processing in comparison to traditional gas heating systems.

Induction Forge Heating Equipment

Newelco has been at the forefront of induction heating technology since its inception over sixty years ago. The proven range of Newelco continuous bar heaters have been designed and built to feed automatic forging machines such as Hatebur, Nedschroef and Sakamura, as well as for operation on hot shear lines at leading forging manufacturers throughout the world.

Induction Power Supplies

Our high reliability induction power supplies are a key element in all induction heating and welding applications. Inductotherm heating & Welding designs and manufactures one of the world’s most extensive ranges of induction power supplies and can provide you with the induction power supply which is exactly suited to your application needs.

Inductotherm was first to bring solid-state technology to the world of induction. Customer focused and application driven, Inductotherm engineers can draw from well proven SCR, IGBT and MOSFET technologies for each and every customer application, satisfying diverse requirements for power and frequency the world over.