Induction Coil Refurbishment

Inductotherm Heating & Welding offers a complete refurbishment service for the many types of induction coil which are in operation with our induction heating power supplies from the Banyard, Radyne and Newelco brands.

Today’s market conditions will often determine that it can make good economic sense to have an existing, well used and even partly damaged induction coil completely refurbished – rather than have it discarded and replaced by a brand new one.

Prior to returning units for total refurbishment, Inductotherm Heating & Welding recommends that photo of the subject coil(s) are forwarded to the spares department for an initial assessment. An on-site inspection can also be carried out by an our highly skilled engineers at minimal expense to the customer if required.

During the annual shutdown period it is becoming increasingly popular for customers to take a coil out of service and replace it with a spare unit from their stock. A coil change-out programme such as this will enable the customer to carry out a planned refurbishment with no costly production downtime.

General Induction Coil Refurbishments

A full coil refurbishment will involve many of the following activities:

Non-Ferrous Extrusion Coils Billet & Bar Heater Coils Coil Liner Type Coil
Replace coil liner &
inductotherm-iconinductotherm-icon inductotherm-icon
Chemically clean water
Check water leakage inductotherm-iconinductotherm-icon
Replace hoses & clips inductotherm-iconinductotherm-iconinductotherm-icon
Replace coil skid plate inductotherm-icon
Replace & re-torque
tie-rod insulation
Re-align coil inductotherm-icon
Pressure test inductotherm-iconinductotherm-icon
Check & replace
temperature probes
Megger isolation
Complete respray inductotherm-icon
Vacuum storage inductotherm-icon
Cast coil type inductotherm-icon
Full Inspection inductotherm-iconinductotherm-icon
Break out coil inductotherm-iconinductotherm-icon
Sand Blast inductotherm-icon
Re-insulate & test coil
Replace end boards inductotherm-icon
Replace rails inductotherm-iconinductotherm-icon
Test water flow inductotherm-iconinductotherm-icon
Test & replace
mircrotherms (if fitted)

Offshore Induction Coil Refurbishment

Our offshore Merlin and Clam Coils require specialist knowledge and tailor made assessments to ensure the durability and reliability of the equipment in the harshest of conditions.

After carrying out the refurbishment, offshore heating coils are drained down then winterised by the addition of anti-freeze solution in order to facilitate winter storage (if necessary) prior to redeployment.

Offshore Heating Coil – All Diameters
Full physical inspection of all mechanical and electrical components/systems inductotherm-icon
New for old replacement of all critical electrical components inductotherm-icon
Full contact replacement inductotherm-icon
Full coil wrap replacement inductotherm-icon
Re-hose using new hose clips/fittings inductotherm-icon
Evaluate and test mechanical components incl. pneumatic cylinders, valves etc. inductotherm-icon
Upgrade to meet the latest equipment safety standards, where necessary

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