TC Induction Power Supply

The TC Induction Power Supply are a range of powerful medium frequency convertors, with a combination of advanced engineering, attention to detail and over 50 years’ of experience in world leading induction heating.

The TC range of convertors offers a wide selection of power and frequency combinations. They incorporate the latest technology ensuring the highest efficiency, flexibility and operational reliability suitable for the most challenging climatic and industrial environments. Convertors are available in frequencies of 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1 kHz, and 3 kHz with power ratings ranging from 100 kW to over 2 MW.


Inductotherm Heating & Welding Ltd

Thermatool House, Crockford Lane, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8NA


Minimal Operating Costs

are possible because the need for routine maintenance has virtually been eliminated. Input kVA and power factors are controlled at an optimum level to provide the best electricity supply utilisation  with minimum supply charges.

Optimum Productivity

is achieved by maintaining constant maximum output with very substantial changes in the load circuit.

Low Installation Costs

are expected since the TC convertor range is suitable for most standard input voltage supplies without the need for a special transformer.


is ensured through state-of -the-art design of all details of integral connections

  • Water Circuit Design
  • Protection Interlocks
  • Circuit Monitoring
  • Designed to Operate in High Ambient Temperature

Low Service Costs

and short down times are attributed to

  • Easy to execute and infrequently required servicing
  • Full metering for current, voltage, frequency and power
  • Mimic panel for operation status and required test points


is built into every TC convertor. The Radyne name and reputation are recognised world-wide as being synonymous with high-quality, solid state power supplies.


Tech Specs

Comprehensive Fault Protection

is maintained by a multi-stage system

  • High-speed electronics control and trip circuits
  • High-speed shut down of controlled rectifiers in advance of the input fuses
  • High-inductance, high-efficiency DC link choke limit the rate of rise of fault currents
  • High-speed fuses back up rectifier electronic cut off
  • Moulded case circuit breaker tripped to isolate the convertor


is a paramount requirement

  • Meets IEC/EEC safety requirements
  • Core-balance, earth-leakage detection system fitted as standard
  • Carries the CE mark

Remote Control

Provided as standard and for use with PLC systems with control by 0-10V or 4-20mA signals