How long does equipment last?

After 40+ years of consistent use, Tata Steel at their site in Corby, Northamptonshire in the heart England, are upgrading and replacing 6 x 1.8 megawatt Radyne Power convertors installed at the end of 1970’s. In all that time these units have been the workhorse of the factory and speak to the quality and pedigree of the Radyne brand.

Reported at the time as being the largest induction heating installation in Europe, boasting both power and space saving features, the induction generators are an integral part of the steel tube processing site which overall, produces approximately 250,000 tons a year of thin-walled tube from steel strip for the construction, engineering, and energy market sectors.

Long known as environmentally sustainable when compared to gas, induction heating was then and still is an obvious choice for the metallurgy industry. The induction process is well proven in the field and renowned for the precision and repeatability in numerous metal processing applications.

Inductotherm Heating and Welding are delighted to continue their long-standing relationship with TATA Steel by offering a turnkey solution of uninstalling their old Radyne convertors then installing and commissioning the 6 new Inductotherm 1.8 megawatt convertors with 6 off HV main transformers, 12 off induction heating coil assemblies, tubes drivers, water cooling systems and PLC controls. The new installation has a smaller footprint than the induction and gas furnaces it will replace, reflecting the development of the technology over time.

After supporting the old Radyne units for over 40 years the upgraded units will offer Tata Steel a more technically advanced and energy efficient equivalent replacement to ensure continued reliable production and continued aftermarket support.

Tata Steel is one of the world’s most geographically diversified steel producers, with operations in 26 countries and commercial offices in more than 35 countries and is one of the largest steel producers in Europe.

Tata Steel is founded on the principle, and operate a long-term vision, that it’s activities should always benefit society, in a way that is safe for their people and respectful to the environment, with special care to the surrounding communities impacted by their operations.

Dedicated to sustainability Tata Steel closely aligned their strategy with the United Nations’ Key Sustainable Development Goals and as such are leaders in carbon neutral steelmaking.

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