700KW Thermatool Solid State CFI Variable Frequency Welder selected by major Tube and Pipe producer BIMERG in Poland

Inductotherm Heating & Welding are pleased to announce our most recent sale of a Thermatool 700kw CFI High Frequency welder to Bimerg, a major tube manufacturer in Poland.  Bimerg is a leading producer of a wide range of cold formed products with square, rectangular, and round sections. Offering their own steel service center which includes hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel and galvanized steel.

The company was founded in 1996 as part of the Budmat group and has since grown into a multi plant company. After a successful branding change in 2016 the company started operating under the new name Bimerg and has now successfully implemented its strategy in product development and sales. Bimerg is strongly committed to sustainability with the continuous modernisation of machinery at its forefront. Utilizing their modern facility and the implementation of innovative technological solutions, combined with using top quality materials from proven suppliers allows Bimerg to offer the market the highest quality products giving Bimerg a leading position in the industry.

Bimerg took special care and consideration in its choice to select Thermatool welders as its high-powered performance machine. This highly considered choice was secured due to Thermatools unique ability to have true operator selectable variable frequency 200kHz to 300kHz. This allows the operator to select the exact frequency in steps of 1kHz giving this machine a truly unique advantage to Bimerg’s varied production range.

Induction is commonly known as the most energy efficient process of welding tube, the Thermatool CFI High Frequency welder provides reassurance and confidence due to its proved field testing and is commonly acknowledged in the industry as the most reliable Solid-State tube and pipe welder on the market today. Every Thermatool HF Welder is backed by world leading weld process and materials knowledge, providing each customer with the best approach to meeting challenging, everyday welding application needs and as the only global induction heating and welding manufacturer specializing in tube and pipe welders, Thermatool provides the widest range of HF Welders available.

Inductotherm Heating & Welding (the European manufacturers of Thermatool, Radyne and Banyard brands) provide the widest range of HF welders on the market, with thousands of installations globally. With decades of industry leading process knowledge coupled with outstanding aftersales support and training facilities, Bimerg felt assured they had found the best company to support their needs.

All of our welders are based on the High Frequency or “HF” welding process that has been perfected over 60 years of engineering expertise. With its Current-Fed Inverter (CFI) design, our welding equipment range gives you the capability to successfully weld almost any metal you want – efficiently and economically.

Our welding equipment can weld carbon and stainless steel, brass, copper, and aluminium, as well as exotic alloys, such as boron steel and HSLA, AHSS, and Trip Steels.

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