Impedor Casing

Inductotherm Heating & Welding offers a wide range of impedor casings in many standard diameters (and lengths upon request), available in three different materials as follows:-

Impedor Casing


Ferroglass is a ferrite powder impregnated epoxy glass possessing characteristics that can substantially increase production speeds when welding small diameter tubing (< 30mm).

For impedors larger than 30mm in diameter, the percentage of total ferrite contributed by the Ferroglass becomes less with increase in diameter.

Impedor Casing


Silglass is a very high temperature Silicone based material that is ideal for return flow impedors and other types where long life is required.

The material is relatively soft compared to epoxy glass and needs to be well supported to avoid wearing out and damage caused by friction.

impedor casing

Epoxy (Fibreglass)

The least expensive option for use as an impedor casing, providing a good compromise between both performance and cost.

Epoxy casings are also the most abrasion resistant, however, they do not provide the electrical benefit of Ferroglass or the heat resistance that Silglass offers.

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