High Speed Flying Shears

Alpha® High Speed Flying Shears are the fastest, most reliable and most accurate tube cutting systems in the world. Alpha® Flying Shears cut tubes and profiles at speeds from 15-240 meters per minute distortion free in-line in diameters from 9 mm to 127 mm and wall thicknesses from 0.7 mm – 6.4 mm.

Alpha® Flying Shears utilise a patented double cut die set which enables producers to cut dimple free, ready for market products directly off the mill.

Tube materials which can be cut include mild steel, high tensile carbon steels, boron steel, austenitic and ferritic stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper.

The Thermatool Alpha® High-Speed Flying Shears, offer tube and pipe producers the world’s fastest and most accurate cut-off system.

Thermatool’s Alpha® Flying Shear Systems fully optimise the cutting process enabling cut-to-length tubing to be produced dimple free, with minimum burr, to a cut-off accuracy of ±1mm and at cycle rates of up to 240m/min. Furthermore, Alpha® Flying Shears help to reduce the number of steps required in the tube manufacturing process, enabling the producer to cut-to-length on the mill ensuring the lowest processing costs.

For over sixty years, the name “Alpha” has meant high-performance tube cutting. More ready-to-ship tube has been cut using Alpha® double cut technology than any other type of cutoff. Today, we continue to push the boundaries of technology and innovation to produce the new generation of high-performance Alpha® flying shears.

Considerable research and development has resulted in our highest performance shears, providing even higher reliability, faster line speeds, closer tolerances and increased tooling life. These advantages, coupled with reduced footprints, automatic lubrication and quick-change tooling, make the Alpha® shear the most reliable, high-speed cutoff available.

Today, Alpha® flying shears are cutting low and high tensile carbon steels, boron steel, austenitic and ferritic stainless steels, aluminium, brass and copper products on tube mills worldwide. Our experienced service engineers are trained to support our complete range of cutoffs – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Equipment service and operator training ensures easy access to assistance for all customers.

With unparalleled experience coupled with equipment built to last the life of the mill, means you are guaranteed increased yield.


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Thermatool House, Crockford Lane, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8NA


  • Capable of operation up to 240m/min on carbon steel, delivering a dimple-free cut
  • Four standard machine ranges available – 2”, 3”, 4” and 5”
  • Rugged design with precision motion control system to ensure both precision cut accuracy and repeatability
  • Distortion-free shearing at high speeds with the double-cut dieset option
  • Heavy-duty press frame, enclosed for maximum safety
  • Swinging ram design
  • High-performance rack and pinion drive system for superior length control
  • Upright or Inclined (for non-round geometries) orientations available
  • Single or Double cut dieset option available
  • Programmable for multiple batch production
  • System diagnostics and simple maintenance fault display
  • Capability to cut tube diameters up to 127mm
  • Short cut lengths possible, without extended cycle times from a saw cut

Tech Specs

Model No.Max. DiameterMax. Wall ThicknessMax. Line SpeedMin. Cut Length at Max. SpeedMax. Cuts/Minute


Alpha® blades and jaws are precision tools for a precision dieset. Using genuine Alpha® Tooling ensures correct operation and long dieset life.

Both horizontal and vertical blades can be supplied. Blade profiles are generated using computer-aided design to achieve the optimum blade geometry for the application in question. ATS2 material offers increased blade life, especially with stainless and high tensile steels.

Alpha® Shear Blades come in a variety of configurations designed to yield a specific benefit

  • Angle Point for square or profile tubing
  • Radius Point for round tube
  • Angle Radius Point/Double Radius for large diameter product
  • Offset Point for special non-round profiles

Available for the complete diameter range and equivalent profiles, Alpha® jaw sets are manufactured from high strength steel and undergo a complex heat treatment process to ensure high wear resistance. Alpha® jaw sets are precision tools engineered for long life and durability

  • Manufactured from high-speed tool steel
  • Precision cut to a tolerance of (0.102mm)
  • Hardened for long term durability

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