Induction Coils

Manufactured from the highest quality materials and suited to a vast array of tube and pipe applications, Thermatool Induction Coils significantly contribute in keeping you production costs down and your productivity up.

We recognise the importance of achieving maximum levels of tube and pipe production, performance and efficiency without compromising the quality of the end product.

Tubular Induction Coil


Made from high conductivity copper and insulated with PTFE tubing, this range of induction coils are perfectly designed to match the impedance of Thermatool’s CFI and HCT series welders in order to maximise output weld power into the tube.

Diameters from 10mm to 32mm.

Universal Banded Induction Coil

Universal Banded

Designed for ease of installation. Called “Universal” as you only need to stock one to accommodate either left-handed or right-handed mill orientations. Like other Thermatool banded coils, they are constructed from Copper bands with brazed on cooling tubes.

Their design also ensures correct impedance matching and a stable, consistent weld frequency.

Diameters from 33mm to 76mm.

Single-Turn Banded Induction Coil

Single-Turn Banded

Manufactured from high conductivity copper and with brazed on cooling tubes Single-Turn Banded induction coils are for larger tube diameters.

Diameters from 76mm to 219mm.

Split Type Single Turn Induction Coil

Pneumatic Split Type Single Turn

Thermatool split type coils are constructed from durable Copper sheet and can be supplied with brazed on cooling tubes or without, if a constant spray cooling is used.

A major benefit of this type of coil is that it can be quickly removed from the mill without having
to cut a section of welded pipe, thus avoiding unwanted, scrap tube.Typically available for installation on CFI and HCT series welders 400kW and higher that use pneumatic clamping.Diameters from 60mm to 530mm (or larger).

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