High Frequency Induction Welder Applications

In tube manufacturing, a quality weld is non-negotiable

Although the finished product may seem straightforward or even simple, tube manufacturing is a complex process that involves multiple machines, sequenced to handle costly materials with precision and speed. On these dynamic, moving production lines, the induction tube welder occupies a relatively small space. And compared with other equipment on the line, welders come at a relatively low price—which may tempt decision-makers to economize on induction welding equipment. That’s a mistake.

When it comes to pipes and tubes, if you don’t have a quality weld, you’re making scrap. Weld quality is directly correlated to the quality of the materials and equipment used in the weld, proving the adage: “You get what you pay for.” Regardless of industry, any business that values continuous operation, long-lasting equipment, and quality products (and what business doesn’t?), an investment in induction welding equipment is an investment in success.

Here are three reasons it pays to invest in a quality high frequency induction welder.

Induction heating manufacturing line

Keep costly production lines running

With a multitude of applications—from furniture and decorative elements to recreation and sporting equipment—maximizing productivity is a top concern for general tube manufacturers. When you’ve got a quota to meet, every minute a production line is down eats away at already narrow profit margins. It’s critical to have reliable precision high frequency welders backed by an extensive service network that’s equipped with a comprehensive spare parts inventory and dedicated engineering support.

Keep unplanned production halts to a minimum and, when you do need to pause, get professional service fast. This level of expertise and care is hard to replicate. Whether you’re making large or small, standard or exotic shapes, it’s worth every penny to invest in quality induction welding equipment that will keep costly production lines running, with a reliable supplier to ensure peace of mind.

Thermatool induction heating and welding with HAZ Control Technology

Avoid the repeat costs of short-lived equipment

In the world of structural tube manufacturing, the output must meet incredibly high standards. Not only is the manufacturer’s reputation on the line, so is human safety. These tubes form the backbones of our bridges, the skeletons of our skyscrapers, and frames for our factories, homes and offices. As a result, structural tubing demands high-integrity welds to construct safe buildings where people can gather, work or live.

In such a mission-critical environment, you want your operation focused on metal construction, not replacing equipment. Economizing on an induction welder may be appealing upfront, but less so when that machine gives out, interrupting production, wasting time, and costing even more money. Just as the structures you help build need to withstand the test of time, so too should your high-frequency induction welding equipment.

Quality equipment leads a long, useful life.

Induction pipe welding

Turn welding equipment into a selling advantage

Pipe and tube manufactured for the natural gas and oil industries must meet precise quality specifications—without room for error. Energy providers around the world rely on uncompromising pipes to deliver resources to market—the kind of pipes made of only the best materials and welds.

That’s why the American Petroleum Institute (API) sets rigorous standards to ensure operational and environmental safety, efficiency and sustainability. For API welding, anything less than perfect becomes scrap. Those welds must be executed properly the first time, every time. That calls for a precision quality, field-proven induction welder that can deliver quality, consistency, and integrity.

Time and again, API manufacturers tell me that’s why they trust Thermatool welders—and so do their customers. The brand’s positive reputation means our welders can be more than a sound manufacturing investment; a welder can be a selling point. Customers who value consistently high-calibre tubing also value a proven manufacturing process powered by superior metal forming equipment.

High frequency welding tube

High Frequency Welders From Inductotherm Heating & Welding

Whatever a manufacturer’s priorities and demands, the smart choice for a high frequency induction welder is one that delivers unparalleled accuracy, repeatability and control. Better yet, that equipment will be backed by accessible experts who are well-versed in the many forms, requirements, and applications of metal tubing.

When you partner with a reputable leader—one who will work with you to understand production speed, metal composition and product specs, and one who will ensure that each piece of equipment is custom-tailored your needs—you’ll realize a return on your investment faster.

Contact a member of the team today to discuss your high frequency welding requirements.

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